Who’s what? About Our Names!

People ask me all the time how to get a menu item named after you. It’s pretty simple really, be memorable. There are items that haven’t even made it to menu yet, but they have a namesake.

We have Leslie’s Philly CheeseSteak Taco, that is named after my love, who loves Philly CheeseSteak. We have one twin named Caleb and one named Seth, they are both on side dishes. Cheyenne is our sweet daughter and she has a keto cookie named after her. Our dear friend Alexia removed gluten from her diet for awhile and she has a beautiful grain free keto blueberry cheesecake/cream cheese keto muffin named after her. There is a lovely young lady who LOVES pizza and Jocelyn has a pizza taco named after her. My dear friend Robert brings monumental mac and cheese to every gathering we have for our community theater group, he uses a recipe he got from his Momma. Barbara’s Fried Mac&Cheese pays homage to that lovely lady.

The names aren’t willy nilly, each and everyone is special. Purposeful. Full of love. Just like our tacos.

My taco is Ashley’s Loco Chicken Taco. I live with bipolar and some days I am sweet (bbq), some I am spicy (buffalo), or some I am neither (plain). As a small business owner, I find it important to relay meaning into as many things as I can touch, to help others connect. If ordering Amanda’s Street Corn helps you smile because your name is Amanda, then smile on.

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