A Keto Dough

keto bacon, egg, and cheese on flatbread

Recently I ran across where an acquaintance of mine had concocted a new and very incredible pizza dough. A dough with an exceptionally low carb count and a simple rate of mastery. I have shared this dough recipe several times, yet people keep returning to Taco Holler to purchase our cooked dough. This may be provoked by pictures of beautiful bacon, egg, and cheese flatbread sandwiches; or, it could be that the notion of having a savory bread under scrambled eggs and gravy, lured them in.

I am currently racking my brain as to find a way to make a sweet keto dough. The ideas run back and forth and back again. We create lovely lady fingers, and crunchy shortbread crusts. A shortcake flatbread sounds delicious. Cooking keto can take quite a bit of time and technique, it can be tedious
and time consuming. For those living a LCHF or even a LC lifestyle, simple indulgences can change the game.

Our pre-baked pizza crusts will be available at the Mountain Market on 2/24 and by special order. Please allow two day notice for special orders. (606)273-8480

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